Frequently Asked Questions

Private accounts material cannot be accessed by our TikTok saver, so videos from those accounts cannot be saved. To allow TikTok to save it for you, you must ensure that the account is public.

Typically, the file is saved to your default save place when you save from Unbranded TikTok. You can modify and manually choose the file's destination folder in the browser's settings.

No, Tik Downloader offers unlimited downloads of many of your favorite TikTok videos.

Absolutely, there are no fees involved because we always offer a free watermark-free TikTok download service. We provide support for all current browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Indeed, Tik Downloader offers the highest resolution for you while downloading videos from TikTok. If a Tiktok video is found in Full HD or greater resolution, we will provide a high quality Download link right away so you can download it.

No. All you need is a link of a video to save, Tik Downloader download the video and remove the TikTok watermark. Copy it into the input field, then choose the correct format for conversion. The rest will be handled by our TikTok watermark removal tool.

No, a Tik Downloader account is not required. You can begin the watermark-free TikTok download process if you have the URL. Simply copy it and paste it into the input box at the top of the page before selecting "Download". The TikTok watermark is removed by our TikTok download service, and the video is then immediately usable.

Starting with iOS 12 and earlier, you cannot save TikTok without a watermark on your iPhone due to Apple's privacy policies. To use Safari and start the TikTok video download procedure, you must update your iOS to the most recent version. If you're still unable to save them, use the guidelines above.

Neither nor Myself keep copies of downloaded videos on our servers. The servers for TikTok host all videos. Additionally, since I don't maintain tabs on our users' download histories, using TokFast is completely anonymous

Choose the video you wish to save by opening the TikTok app. After selecting "Share", click "Copy Link". Your clipboard now contains the Link for downloading a TikTok video.